Multifunction poker analyzer

Most of old poker analyzer cannot make phone call and send message. Then you have to conceal the scanning analyzer into the pocket to keep it safe. Also you have to use another scanning camera to cooperate with the analyzer to analyzer the date. Then you have to bring two scanning devices at least with you when you want to play the poker game.

To simplify the device and make the poker cheating device owns msore function. Gamble-cards bring you good news that there is new multifunction poker analyzer was developed successful and come into the market. With this new analyzer you can:

1. Make phone call

2. Send message

3. Surfing online as normal smart phone

4. Scan the barcode marked cards as scanner

5. Analyze the winner date as poker analyzer

The new Multifunction poker analyzer can speak out the winner result of the Texas holdem and Omaha poker game much faster than other old poker analyzer. And it can be made to cooperate with many other outside poker scanning camera likes lighter, iPhone 6, car key, chip tray, music box, power bank, wallet...

And the operating of this an-ti poker cheating device is much easier than before, the voice is also more loud than old poker analyzer.

With this new multifunction poker analyzer, it sure can bring you much more happiness. No more waiting, just contact gamble-cards for more price detaaile.

  • User: HUI
    Time: 2017-05-25 09:57:08

  • Content: Hello Sir, I would like to tell you a good news. I want to buy your Phone scanning camera. But I need more details about this product. Can you help me?

  • Admin_reply: Hi friend, it is our great honor to help you. We have sent the details to your email. Please check it and reply us.
  • User: Rink
    Time: 2017-05-24 09:58:05

  • Content: Please send the price of Texas holdem and omaha scanning system to my email.

  • Admin_reply: Hi friend,thanks for your kind message. We sent price to your email.Please check it and reply us.
  • User: Kolbe
    Time: 2017-05-23 09:55:26

  • Content: Hi seller, I need US playing cards, can you introduce some kind of playing cards for me?

  • Admin_reply: Dear friend, thanks for your kind message. We sent introduction of different playing cards to your email. Please check it and reply us.
  • User: Mesh
    Time: 2017-05-22 11:27:30

  • Content: Do you have Modiano marked cards in stock?

  • Admin_reply: Dear, thanks for your kind message.We have Modiano marked cards now. We sent you email. Please check it and reply us.
  • User: BOB
    Time: 2017-05-20 10:05:19

  • Content: Please quote me price about Texas holdem and omaha scanning system,thanks.

  • Admin_reply: Hello, thanks for your kind message. We sent the price to your email. Please check it and reply us. Look forward to your early reply.
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