Copag 4PIP marked cards

Copag decks with luminous marks are specifically designed for a more impressive performance! COPAG cards are considered to be the finest in the world. Copag sets are generally expected to last from 20 to 50 times longer than regular paper cards. It will shuffle with ease and deal flawlessly to players. However, the special textured back will provide professional and novice dealers with great card control.

Playing Cards Characteristics:
–Comes in two colors:red and blue
–Copag 4PIP jumbo index, made up by 100% plastic.
–Well-known all over the world except Russia.
–4 PIP Jumbo Index - Full Bleed Backs.
–Card size: 63*88 mm—standard size for poker cards.
–The deck contains 52 cards, 3 jokers and 1 guarantee card.

Blue cards:marked with a big font in the middle of the poker cards (white marks).
Red ones:suits and numbers can be typed in the middle of the cards or in 4 corners (white or black marks).

Friendly tips:
Red cards enjoy more preference because of their clear marks.

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