Autofocus poker scanner

If you have tried the side marked barcode scanner, such as the button scanning poker camera tie in chest, you will find that you have to care much about the distance and the position between the poker scanning camera and side marked barcode deck.

But the good news is, now, we have the poker scanning camera for moving edge marked barcode on sale. This poker scanner for moving side marked barcode cards is designed a new function to track the scanning portrait automatically. This automatic tracking camera can automatically identify the image information, and capture the moving image--side marked barcode cards, within the scope of monitoring.

Like others poker scanner, this scanner for moving edge marked barcode cards is used with poker analyzer system and signals receiver earpiece. And as long as you use this scanner within 50 cm, it will scan the barcode marked cards automatically.

Let me take an example for you. When the players are over 8 in the poker game you play, the marked cards with lens can't handle it well. On these times, our hi-tech products Autofocus poker scanner with the poker analyzer can help you a lot. The autofocus poker scanner can track the moving image automatically, and the poker analyzer system can tell you the winners and the ranks directly. Is there any poker cheating machines can do that for you?      Only our autofocus poker scanner can make it for you.         

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