To sale marked playing cards

What is a marked deck? Marked deck of cards are marking with invisible ink for infrared contact lenses. We are committed to sale marked playing cards vary from Copag, Modiano, Bicycle to KEM, Fournier, Bee, Aviator marked cards, etc. Take Modiano marked poker cards for example.
Modiano cards are very welcome by poker player. You can choose plastic cards deck or paper poker playing cards. No matter what kind of model and color playing cards you can find here. For example, we often mark a large white font in the middle of the blue card back, also, we mark with big font in the middle or small fonts in 4 corners, whether white or black marks is OK.
All the invisible ink markings can be seen by luminous ink contact lenses or infrared marked cards glasses, but naked eyes see nothing on the back of Modiano marked decks of cards.