scanning system

Poker card predictor scanner is a professional device in the poker game. It does not need an aperture to set the scanner, so no one will know and find your secret.

When the time you do not play poker game, you can use music box poker scanner camera for achieving the effect in listening to music and watching movies. When you need to use it, you can turn on the playing cards scanner for help. It will tell you the results.
If you want to turn on the barcode marked cards scanning camera, there is a tiny pinhole for you to switch it on. If you cannot imagine that, just think about the how to inset the SIM card to an iphone. And the charging ports are the same, too. 
Adjust the poker cheating reader to a right position for the edge barcode marked cards. So at first, you should measure the actual distance between the loudspeaker and your poker table. As long as the scanning camera read the hidden marks, it will send the scanning data to the poker winner analyze software. And no more than 1 second, you will be informed the scanning outcome. And because there is a signal transmitter inside the cards cheating spy camera, and the signal receiver is in the phone poker analyzer.